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Haters Say It's Fake...So Real? Really Justin Timberlake?

Oh goodness, listening to "Filthy" and having so many confusing feelings towards this song.  On one hand the beats produced by JT, Timberland, and Danja are so damn catchy that you can't help playing the song over and over again. Then you listen to the lyrics....hinting at something JT ;).  With his new album coming out Man Of The Woods you wouldn't think that he would release this song as the teaser to what the rest of the album would sound like.  

     Justin Timberlake said what influenced most of the songs on the album were the sounds of the outside.  With the song "Filthy" apparently the outside is really the inside of a club?  I really hope to hear better songs on the rest of the album.  I am going to give him credit though because it definitely will catch the attention of the dance crazed generation....i.e. my generation.  How many of us don't crave any substantial in the songs we listen to, but from a guy who wants social change I'm surprised there is not one bit of substance in this song! Justin, I expect better.  Please don't prove me wrong and please bring good music back.  

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