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Gratitude is Attitude

Who remembers song like “Dick in a Box”, “Motherlover”, and “I Just Had Sex”? Those aren’t just songs, they are anthems! Making us laugh, smile, and feel good all around.  Comedy is usually about making fun of the situations everyone goes through, the comedians especially.  With music, you get the rush of sweet sounds entering your eardrums.  Morgan Jay, is the next musical comedy prodigy.      With rarely hearing songs from the Lonely Island, Flight of the Concords, even the Duo of JT and Jimmy Fallon, there needs to be a new boss in town.  With songs like “Brains and Titties” and “ dot dot dot” Morgan understands society now-a-days.  Since it is not a easy business to break into either because you’re too musical for a comedy and to comedic for a music show, Morgan wants to write for shows just like SNL, Jimmy Fallon, or even have his own special just like MTV’s unplugged.

     Being able to create melodies and hooks are Morgan’s strong suit due to taking piano lessons at age 6.  Growing up in a musical family, starting at a young age, and have had a Argentinian Pop Star as a father helped Morgan in this specialty.  Always practicing and always being a “sponge” Morgan is able to develop more both with creating melodies, writing lyrics, and singing.  Since the lyric’s are a different kind he uses influences of comedians such as Rory Scovel, Reggie Watts and when it comes to music RnB fits his soul.  Realizing that even RnB song’s have comedic verses such as R Kelly’s “At the Same Time”.

     Morgan leaves the reader’s with one advice, you’re doing alright.  As a musician, artist, really anything you’re striving to be you tend to put yourself down.  He explain’s that if you are continuing to strive, grow, live in the place you want to live you’re doing great!.  Keep reminding yourself of your accomplishment every day, “Gratitude is Attitude”!!

     If you want more of Morgan check out his youtube channel  Also if you haven’t done so already sign up for because he might randomly play and make your night!  Hope you enjoyed this weeks #MusicMonday

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