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Get Songs Heard Fast With Little Effort

Okay, so I tried to keep this a minute, but there is too many cool ways to get your song heard with little effort. Shout out to @PrestonLuck on instagram saying that having video gamers play and record their playing to your music, their hundred to thousands of viewers will hear your song and most likely download it due to memory comparing. Another way, is having cool merchandise that people will wear on their day to day life, because they will ask where to find that merchandise and get sent to your site or instagram where they'll hear your music. @BlackSheepClubCo gave me that idea when they were promoting their clothing line on an earlier post of mine. *Forgot to mention in video* @SteviiMusic brought up contest/blog submissions for feedback. Check out the Artist Submission video to learn how to properly send in your music or for yourself to be featured in a blog.

Now that the shout outs are over, there are new apps such as and TikTok that allows users to take bits and pieces of your song and make a little skit or sketch. Usually these users will not only have it featured on those apps but will post it to facebook and instagram as well. Doing this will make their followers listen to your music and will make them want to do their own skits, and then it will become VIRAL! The most effort you'll have to do is reach out to some of these users and share the catchiest part of your song that can be made into something. Also dance is a huge way of getting your music heard. Starting out with the #DanceChallenge that blew up Drake's song, then Ciara did a dance challenge competition, and more artist are following in their footsteps. Also if you have a song that you know can be made into a choreography, send it to the hottest dancers on instagram. Not only will they create a dance to it a share, but they will also teach the choreography to students who will share their dance with YOUR song in the background.

Honestly, little effort is involved. Just remember to be kind. Hope you enjoyed the tips and comment if you have another way to spread songs like wild fire!

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