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Psychedelic Rock Hit "Fullmoon" by Sunfade

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A psychedelic rock sound that beautifully explains the feature of a loved one with sweet lyrics and melody. That's what "Fullmoon" by Sunfade gives off in this song. At least to me. The fact that the melody in the completely in the background is pretty much all acoustic except for a little bit of what seems like radio chatter from the past. The psychedelic sound comes from the vocals which give off an airy feel. When talking about birds singing, a fullmoon, and hair moving with the clouds you also get that imagery which psychedelic rock loves to feed. This is the kind of love song that needs to be out in the world, talking about the real beauty and how it relates to the senses instead of talking to her body for only one reason. This shows real love and not lust and that is something to appreciate and I am sure every girl wants to be described in the way Sunfade did. I like how he took influences from the sounds of The Beatles and made it his own. This song is just pleasant to relax to and makes you feel good. Would love to hear how you would describe yourself with words of imagery. Comment below!

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