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From Musically Illiterate to B!tch Be Cool

With EDC Las Vegas coming up this weekend, the electricity and intensity of electronic music is starting to creep and break out of the cracks. With electronic music getting the most backlash, in reality there is no difference between electronic and acoustic music, it is all a heartbeat, but that heartbeat is just sped up to make our feet and body start dancing without having to think about the deeper meaning of the song. I know, this article is a little different than the usual artists I introduce, but electronic music can also make an impact on someone's life. 

     B!tch Be Cool, is an upcoming duo that has been making giant steps in the music industry. Their newest EP Bullseye released on Ghetto Ghetto records just a couple of weeks ago climbed into the top 20 and you will definitely hear it while you're at EDC this year. I was lucky enough to get to know founder and co-pilot Richard Wette, and well this is his story.

     Even though Richard now focuses on House Music, the beginning of his producing career was focused on making breaks, also known as breakbeats, it has hints of funk and freestyle. Which you can still catch those hints of style in the music he produces right now.  I can't really say unfortunately, but at the same time it was unfortunate that his family couldn't provide him the means to learn music in the "normal" form. No one was able to show him how to read sheet music or play an instrument even though he SO wanted to be in a band. Some of us are lucky enough to know what sounds work together and able to create music just by ear, and with the technological boom during his late teens and the blossoming love of electronic music, the dream of creating music could now become a reality, and it has!

     This technological boom really helped Richard because he was able to create music from home, especially since studio time is very expensive. With fortunate events, Richard was able to meet and work with someone he really looked up to, DJ Richie Rich who has gone by Neutron, Rated R, and was a founding member of the Decepticonz. It was actually the first DJ he bought a record from. Not only was Richie Rich a huge influence music wise, but he was also an influence on name changes haha. So Richard is not the real name of the producer for this article, but due to keep his life private I won't reveal his real name. Richard when starting out used to go by DJ Frenzy and it wasn't until 2014 he started going by alias Richard Wette, which if you have a dirty mind like me you can totally see that he was making a dick joke. Even though this name is in a way a joke, he is very serious when it comes to creating music and DJing.

     Everything that Richard has learned in 95% self taught.  So when it got to DJing at an actual club, he faked it until he made it and was surprised that the club let him DJ for a year, until he picked up residences it 2 other local bars/clubs. Trial by fire, and taking any chance to learn Richard went from having a sporadic schedule of creating music to a more structural one. From waking up and not checking his phone like most people do in the morning, he is able to meditate and get ready for the day of work ahead. As most of us, when we start our career we want to become "Rich and Famous", some still do, but when it comes down to it, all we want is to do what we love and live comfortably. With Richard's routine gives him the ability to do that.

     Not too long ago Richard started collaborating with the other half of B!tch Be Cool, known as DOMii. They saw that their ideas of what they wanted their music to sound like resonated so much alike, that they decided to put their solo careers on hold to make B!tch Be Cool, something really special. With music, it is really not that easy to find a partner that works well, because one starts to overpower the other, but these two really work well together. In the DJ booth you just see the unification flow so smoothly, that the audience members just start loosing control to their stiffness and just start dancing. 

   So if you are like me and you like to dance, spaz out, jam out, just move your feet, keep an eye on this upcoming duo. Especially since their music will start making an appearance at EDC. Then you can tell all your friends you heard of them first (from me) to make you seem cool and not "mainstream". Keep loving all kinds of music, because music unifies us.  Much love and happy Music Monday, let this help you dance through your week.

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