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Memories Keep You "Forever Young" by The Solomon Brothers: A Euphonixx Review

As every year passes, we get older. Heck, I just got another year older, but I still feel so young and I want to keep that feeling of being "Forever Young" and The Solomon Brothers explain how to achieve just that.

MEMORIES! I know, it's a surprising way to keep the youth. It works though, because happy memories bring dopamine which gives energy. Also if you're stuck feeling like you don't know what to do, those memories will inspire ideas that you can re-live currently! It's only your thoughts holding you back, but if you change your thoughts you're good to go! You can also see the idea of love through this song, lasting love, family love, love with your significant other, and don't forget about self love.

"Creating a light, Joining the Circle of Life"

With the acoustic guitar and dashes of mandolin this is the perfect mix to just let your mind drift into the memories you have with the guidance of The Solomon Brother. Then there are spots where you hear the twinkle of wind chimes, or at least an electronic sound that reminds you of that to bring glamour to your thoughts. The only thing I wish, was hearing more harmonizing of the 3 brothers during the chorus, I feel like it would bring the song to the next level.

This song currently is out only on YouTube and Facebook, but you will be able to download shortly within the new year. So go and follow the Euphonixx Sonixx Blast so when it releases you can easily download it to your favorites.

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