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It's Like The Killers and Coldplay Had A Baby: Foals + Kiev Concert Review

I'm in love! I have never heard of this band until I won free tickets from the Loudie App! I decided not to listen to any songs before going into the concert, because I love setting low expectations so if the band blows me away, they blow me off into a music heaven! They blew me off to a place beyond heaven! Their energy was so high and they didn't leave any dead space between songs for you to get brought back in reality. Even when they had "slow" songs I was still in an outwardly state of mind. You couldn't help but moving your body side to side, your head up and down, and your feet didn't want to stay on the ground. Your feet was continuously tapping to the beat or flying of the floor while you were jumping with the crowd. Or if you were short like me, and the audience was tall, you wanted to jump to see the passion of the band mates and join along with them. The band did a great job of incorporating the crowd to let them belt, clap, and jump around in a mosh pit! Yannis Philippakis, lead vocalist and guitar, was having such a great time and decided to give every section of the crowd his guitar solo. Not only was it a show to hear but this is a show to watch!

I can't wait to go again!

"They can't be the first opener, they shouldn't be the first opener!" Kiev (the band) you also blew me away. You have such an eclectic sound with the addition of saxophone! You reminded me of my first concert, PHISH, which was such a pleasure listening to, the same way you were a pleasure listening to. Kiev is like a jam band that have actual songs and lyrics to them. You couldn't help but float to their sound. What I loved is that even when you were pissed that your guitar was forgotten back stage, you still went on with the show. You went on without bitterness, even though you made us laugh announcing how pissed you were. Even though you guys were the st opener, you REALLY STARTED the show! Kiev, also did an amazing job of not leaving any dead space between songs, you went with the crowd and jammed out with the crowd until they were ready for the next song!

Kiev Spotify:

Foals Spotify :

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