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Floating In and Out of Consciousness with K-OH

Music, has the ability to take you away from reality or it can bring you closer to understanding what is happening in society.  A great musical talent will be able to take you on both of those journeys through their songs and ultimately you are the one that gets to choose which route to take during which time and which day.

     At age 11 a kid from Columbus, Ohio fell in love with rapping anything that came to his mind.  Downloading beats off of Limewire and recording his talent onto cassette tapes, it wasn't until his first performance at a talent show that K-OH knew this would be his life forever.  He continued downloading beats until high school, where he met his first producer.  They just vibed and understood each others aspirations enough to create a group of artists called the CO-STARZ (Columbus Stars). K-OH was also involved in choir which actually taught him a lot about cadence, rhythm, and delivery.  Without learning how to play and instrument, choir taught him how to make his voice an instrument, and a strong one at that! The real influence though was his older brother. Introducing him to artists that would influence his sound such as Nas, DMX, Dipset and more. 

     All K-OH wanted was his brother to absolutely love what he came up with, which his brother did, but didn't show it too much because he believed so much in K-OH, and would find different ways to help him improve. With that push from his brother to always improve and the techniques he learned from choir, it gave K-OH the ability to help other musical artist develop their sound too. K-OH and his friends created an entertainment group called Original Thought (OT) that is all about supporting artist that don't want to be stuck in just one musical lane.  One artist K-OH is helping and working with is Canary Y3llow.

     K-OH writes for therapy, writes to heal, writes to turn shit up. He loves making bangers, but also loves making conscious music. He is not just a HipHop artist or a rapper he is a musical creative.  Yes, most of his songs do fit in the genre of HipHop, but with the songs he created and will continue to create he will dabble and dip into different genres of music to be able to tell the story in the most relatable way to the audience.  THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 30th you will be able to see the various ways and styles K-OH decides to share his experiences and imaginative stories through his first EP "Scatterbrains".  Being a Gemini definitely is part of the reason why the EP was named this, and it is a huge factor in how so many ideas, and stories, and styles are put together just to share a little taste of what you will continue to get from K-OH.

To Stay Tuned Follow K-OH on Social Media!

Instagram: @kohgocrazy

Twitter: kofromohio


Original Thoughts (OT) Website:

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