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It Finally "Feels Like Summer" : Samuel Jack Song Review

Sometimes you just need a feel good summer anthem that can be the medicine to clear your troubles away. This is exactly what Samuel Jack was not only trying to achieve for the audience, but himself as well "I wrote it at a time when I needed those good times to see me through some stuff." Taking the feelings of those good times and hoping it could live forever. Well that's what it is doing since art does live forever and you could throw it on at any point that you need to remember those times.

Samuel Jack's voice is very bluesy which would make you think that he should focus on country or soul, but surprisingly I really like his vocals in this pop/bluesy song. With every good summer song there is the stomping style drums with dashes of trumpets to keep your ears perked and awake. What was a little different is that you can hear the pizzicato of the cello during the verses, and then there is also the pizzicato of the guitar strings that would make you notice that each part of the song is different and special in its own way.

This is definitely a pleasure to listen to on the car ride home, at a pool party, or just grilling outside with all your friends. Don't forget to throw it on when you need a pick me up as well.

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