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Let Me Go : "Everything Happens" - Trubdr. Adam Road Song Review

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

New Music Video for "Everything Happens" by Trubdr. Adam Road from his album Exile From The City out on YouTube now. What is nice about all of Trubdr. Adam Road songs are all of them are guitar heavy, which gives him the opportunity to play each song down or play them with a rock backfill, just like this song! This song is about letting go, letting go of your comfort zone, your fear, and just go with the flow. "My friend we can't afford to spend another moment chasing down paths with dead ends." Sometimes following the path doesn't really lead us to where we need to go, and we hit a blockage. Trubdr. Adam Road is reminding us EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a reason. Just to embrace what we face, overcome it, and become stronger! If you ever get to see Adam perform live, you'll see how eclectic he is on the guitar, and if you listen closely you can grasp that in this song. On YouTube, he left in the bio a little history on the music video, it is so cool and so sweet the outcome! Go check it out!

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