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Reexamining Our Own "Episode" : Crossfire Eagles Song Review

Crossfire Eagles coming at you hot with "Episode" coming out on May 1st, 2020. When you are watching a series do you ever pay attention to the extra's filling the screen? Well if they weren't there how weird would it look while the main cast was talking in a coffee shop?

(Sorry I have been on a Friends binge watch since this quarantine started). Well that's what Crossfire Eagles did, they payed attention to all those who were around them and became concerned on the amount of homeless people they saw. They decided to switch roles and tell the stories of those who don't have a place to really call home. The lyrics are really letting you know what is going on in the mind of those who are homeless. How they need our help, and that is the point they are trying to make!

This band is bringing the rock of the 2000s back in style. With heavy guitar and drums rocking out between lyrical verses it gives you the energy to rock out with them. This song is very fun to listen and dance to as well as to sing along to. Unlike other 2000s bands such as Green Day the focus is more on vocals and guitars.

Don’t forget to Presave their song Today!

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