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EDM Hit Alert! I "Need U" to get up and Dance

In the dynamic world of Electronic Dance Music, there's a rhythmic force that has been making waves and leaving audiences in awe. Generik, an Australian-born DJ and producer has carved a distinctive niche for himself in the EDM scene. Captivating listeners with his infectious beats and innovative approach to music production.

His name is Generik, yet he is anything but. A hit on the dance floor "Need U" is all you need to lighten up your spirit and gets your body moving and grooving. After high melodies at the start of the song to capture your body to start moving, he drammatically lowers the tempo, taking you to outer space, then flinging you back into high speed to keep those feet up in the air.

In the club or around the house "Need U" keeps your energy high and makes all troubles go away in a fly. Enjoy!

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