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Give Me One Last "Easy Going Smile" by Our Man In The Field

For those reading this and are like "Hey, 'Easy Going Smile' by Our Man In The Field is a love song, you said you weren't doing those." You're right, but wrong at the same time mwahahaha. In all seriousness I couldn't pass on writing about this song. Which is not necessarily a love song, I see it as a break up song, or saying good bye to a love one. I liked the lyrics of this song, because it wasn't talking about the feeling of getting together and all those sex innuendos, just a simple smile. A smile can go a long way, it can make an impression, a smile is so strong that I could change someones' day! Our Man In The Field's melody really fits his name. He has that country blues vocals along with simple acoustic guitar that delivers the song. Along the way he add country classic instruments such as the banjo, tambourine, and he adds a not so country cello to deliver the smooth undertone. A Lovely song that you can definitely listen to, and possibly relate to. Well I hope you do.

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