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Are you a "Dream Chaser" : Ant Tha Giant Song Review

Who needs a restart to start chasing their dreams again? Ant Tha Giant is trying to provide you that reboot with "Dream Chasers". Talking about how sometimes we get stuck in the comfort zone, usually to help pay the bills, but then we end up miserable because we forget to take that extra initiative to start chasing what our passion is. This song is giving huge props to those who are struggling everyday and working on multiple things, just to get to that DREAM! Along as reminding others who do have dreams that it IS possible to make your dreams happen, but YOU are the one in charge and you have to apply to your flame. With that, they keep the beat simple and on a slow tempo, which really makes you focus on their lyrics. Ant Tha Giant along with Soul Alive and Trey Tuck all go through their own struggles and effort to better their lives to achieve their own dreams. So go be "Dream Chasers", and if you are one already, I would love to hear your story.

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