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Don't "Runaway" from The Shadowboxers

The Shadowboxers did it again. This time they created a song that is not only great by itself, but EDM DJ’s will be able to take it and make it a club hit. I feel that within the next song releases you’ll be hearing better and better songs as well as songs that could possibly include sounds and music beats from previous eras. 

      This time bringing in beats from the 80’s with the lead singer using some singing techniques from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, you can’t help the urge to sing along. With singing along to the lyrics you get to hear that this song talks about a major problem nowadays. Most of the current generation decides to “Runaway” from our problems instead of just talk about it and work it through. Music is a great way to create change and I sure hope this song is able to achieve that and get the message across!

     So don’t “Runaway” from The Shadowboxers, dance, groove, and run towards the dance floor when this song hits!

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