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Out of Reach is the "Desert Queen" by West Coast Weekend: Song Review

Staying on the groove chain is a very fun journey. "Desert Queen" by West Coast Weekend brings that groovy pop melody starting off with that funky bass beat and pop style drum beat behind it. This melody reminds me of the early 2000's pop and there ain't any surprise there because they worked with Grammy Nominated Producer RoboPop who worked with Maroon 5, Weezer, Lana Del Rey and more! So when you feel your body and your feet dancing to the beat, there won't be a question of why that is happening. I can definitely see this song being blasted in the car while driving up the West Coast. I mean that's what West Coast Weekend is trying to achieve right?

To me Desert Queen is about that woman you are attracted to, but keeps slipping your grasp, and you just can't forget about her. I like how it goes from the funky bass being the base of the song and then it switches to vocals being the main for a couple of verses. It gives the song an ear raiser so you don't get bored. At the end you hear a bit of dubbing over the vocals, like they're drifting off.

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