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Don't "Take It" Anymore! : Chanel Lóran Song Review

Coming strong with the R&B vibes Chanel Lóran is telling you she is not going "Take It" (the negativity) anymore. More specifically the game you are using to play with her heart. Chanel starts the song off by saying she's not going to play the stereotypical girl that is waiting for her Prince Charming, I mean most guys are not like that, at least not anymore. So then she sings,

"Not gonna tell you I'm sorry

Not gonna be your idea

Better stay in your lane cause

Cause I ain’t gon take it"

With Chanel's strong voice and the guitar chords used, this song gives that woman empowerment of not settling for just any man or woman! Men this song also speaks to you too, not all woman or men are right for you either, but to all genders be respectful to one another and stop with the got damn games. It's been a while since I heard an R&B song with a strong voice behind it, so I'm glad I was introduced to Chanel, definitely will listen to this song over and over again during my dating life. #DatingAnthem

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