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Should You "Love In The Dark"? : by Dror Song Review

Who here reading this has a friend or a crush that is in a relationship that isn't so good for them? Have you ever wanted to show them what real love is about? Telling them "darling, all the best things in life are free" and by free you mean that they wouldn't have to work hard for your love. "Love in the Dark" by Dror is the song anthem for you. Whether you are ready to tell them your feelings, or a little scared to, you should be able to send to them this song. [P.S. I am not condoning cheating, make sure they break up with whoever before you make any attempts] With that being said, you can still throw this tune out and dance to it in your room while you wait.

With Dror, he likes to be able to create songs that are from his life experiences, fictional stories, or even with a small encounter see a whole story line unfold. Which is what "Love in the Dark" is. He has an eye on a special girl (lucky her) but she is in this unhappy relationship and he wants to "run away just for the night". Even though it looks like he is stealing a girl away he is also telling her "I want it in the low tides, seasons changing, bad times". So really you could also listen to this song as being there for YOUR person at all times, the good and the bad.

"I want it when the moonshines, thunder storming bad nights"

This new song of 2020 is what Dror is using to showcase his new sound that he wants to incorporate in future productions. Using minimal background music for melodies he uses his voice to control the multiples tones of this song. There are some key moments where he is using the strong hitting of piano keys to elevate the point of his lyrics. Since you'll be most likely singing the chorus (over and over again), you'll see how the points made above completely make sense. Thankfully I was able to talk to Dror and since you can imagine this song to be a club hit, remixes are coming stay tuned!

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