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Dalomonze asks "Do You Like Me?" : A Euphonixx Album Review

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

When you first start the Do You Like Me? EP you are startled by the sound of a church choir. It is fitting for his first song "Perfect" which I believe attacks two different ideas. One is the pressure of being perfect to the ones you love. The other is the feeling that before lust, life was perfect with his loved one. When you love someone one, you love all their imperfections. Lust blinds you to want things a certain way without thinking about the others feelings or goals. So the choir sounds I believe is to remind us to love everyone for their imperfections. I do believe that DaLomonze was tackling an unnatural octave for his voice, and I understand he did this to fit the sound, but if he went with a more natural octave for his voice I think he could have hit the notes better and showed variations of his vocal talents.

Flawless transition from Perfect to "Superhero". Unlike other songs about superheroes this is the compete opposite. Everyone always begs to find their soulmate guy or girls and that will "save" them from all their problems. Dalomonze is saying no, you don't need someone else to save you. With this hip-hop pop song he did exactly what I mentioned above. He showed his high vocal talent for the chorus, and for the verses he stayed in a more comfortable level which let him play with the melody a little bit better.

From R&B to Hip-Hop and now hitting the Rap genre. "Father Figure" is where DaLomonze is telling a bit of his back story. How he grew up, what happened in between, and what is happening now. I love this song the most because it real, it's raw, the chorus is catchy. I love how the backing melody is very simple chords on the piano with songs of a very light snare drum. It's nice because even though he tells what didn't go so well he is looking forward to see what can be improved, and that's the music that I like.

The last 3 songs are a mix of R&B, soul, and Gospel. A fun way to end the EP, also paying homage to a higher power that rules the universe, and makes sure you know it's not the end until all is good. So even after the 3 introductory songs to the album there is more songs packed with power music and meaning and I hope you enjoy.

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