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The Feeling You Get While Going "Cross Country (Blackthorn)" by J.L.G. : A Euphonixx Song Review

Have you ever driven the coast line, hand out the window imitating the waves of the ocean? Have you ever sat in a grassy plain to watch the sunrise? Have you ever just floated in a lake with the sun beaming on your face and the birds flying overhead?

No?!?! Well now after giving you some imagination you'll be able to envision all these scenes while listening to Cross Country (Blackthorn) by J.L.G.

Opening up the song with the calming sound of a bow sliding across a cello, J.L.G. gets you in a relaxed state of mind. After achieving that initial state of mind, he changes the tone to a more upbeat sound with the vibrato of an electric guitar and adding the base of the drum to bring up that feeling of happiness and the feeling of just going somewhere (which I know most of us weren't able to do). Now let's place you in a concert hall with this song, you're standing, you're seeing the lights changing from one cool color to the next, all of a sudden you feel your body swaying, and as the beat pick up you can't help but you start taping your foot and moving your feet side to side. After dancing for a while all of a sudden the song seems to end, but if you wait 1 more second J.L.G. seems like he is teasing you with a follow up song. If you like the sounds of Foals, Tame Impala, and The Killers this song is a mixture of all three and you'll surely enjoy.

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