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Heather Nation's 'Condition' : Album Review

Starting off Heather Nation's new album with an outer space vibes. "Condition" is filled with the sounds of synth, possible Lowry Spinet Organ such as Owl City used in their song fireflies, or it could be a setting on the keyboard to give off a twinkling stars feeling. Then there are snippets of her talking about "peeling back the layers" to find truth in what all of us want. This opening track is to set the tone of the entire album and the message that it wants to give off. As well as the calming tone to take you on a journey to be able to see the inside of people.

Then it changes into an indie rock/gospel mix using vocal layering for "How Far We've Come". I feel like Heather was trying to bring in this Fleetwood Mac vibe into this song. As much as I love the meaning of the song which is to show how basically everyone of this world comes from one place and we should recognize and accept everyone's thoughts and ideas. I like how the melody was simple for the lyrics to be the forefront of the song, but the vocals were off tune during many moments.

With the next couple of songs I don't know if it was just not the right vocal range, but the tuning of her vocals were off. When she is using a higher octave and lets her voice relax a bit while overlapping it with distortion it was easier listening to song as a whole. Heather, I am sorry but I don't know if it's just the style of song or the level you were singing it, but I think there needs to be some vocal lessons to take, because I believe that you can do it. With the production, it was very pleasant to listen to.

If it was just the production and she took more of the an ELOHIM route where she displayed her melodies with captivating visuals I can see something like that go very far. With peoples' anxiety going through the roof these electro/synth wave melodies are matching the BPM that people need, and with the message of peace, love, and happiness is what people need to hear right now.

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