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Let Evan Konrad Take You Into An Ego Trip with "Come On Snake, Let's Rattle"

Before I delve into the song, I met Evan Konrad as he opened up the The Shadowboxer's acoustic show and was blown away by Evan's control of his vocal range. With just his voice, an eerie but energetic shockwave through your body will give you goosebumps and make your hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Actually....that is exactly what "Come On Snake, Let's Rattle" will do to you. Setting you up in a fancy cocktail bar Konrad is taking you into the mind of a human who is a "walking statement of obsessive self-consumption" and throughout the song and the change of the melody and tempo you can imagine seeing the vulnerability of the human, but ultimately the ego takes control and likes the ability to control others by the smooth factor. What's actually funny is that if you really listen and delve into this song it changes your demeanor from feeling that nobodies opinion matter, to you craving any attention, back to you feeling entirely in control. This is definitely a song that can help you get into the feeling of being in control, whether you need it to land a business deal, get pumped up for a dreadful workout, or gathering up the courage to ask a crush out. This song is multi purposeful and just overall amazing.

To check out more of Evan Konrad's links are below!

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