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We Are All A "Comeback Kid" - New Politics Song Review

"Wake up wake up wake up it’s a new day " and a new song review. A song about never letting go of your passion "Comeback Kid" by New Politics is the song for us dreamers. "Comeback Kid" really is a story in a song that talks about coming back from all experiences in life that knocks you down.

"You can knock me out x 2

You can hold me down x 2

I’m a comeback kid x 2

Keep on keepin’ on go stronger

When you feel weak go harder and harder and harder!"

What's really great is New Politics is reminds you that everyday you have a new chance to make a difference. A new chance to go even further with your passion. Once you find it, it will be "too late to stop [you] now." The band did a great job making this song a perfect mix of pop and rock. By using a catchy chorus you will sing it every time you are ready to tackle a new task, and the rock beat will pump your adrenaline up to keep that fire in your soul burning!

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