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Claim the Future In the Lyrics with KeilyN

"Dope Never Dies" and believe it or not KeilyN lives by that motto.  Starting as a computer information systems student then to drop out and create his own system, KeilyN is sure headed towards greatness. From producing his own beats, to writing lyrics, and performing them with enthusiasm his journey will be one to follow.

     Starting is never easy and especially with society telling you, you have to go to school to be something. Well, some people can't grow to who they truly are supposed to be. KeilyN knew that music was going to be his career and just needed to break from society's norms. Moving from Ohio to Atlanta and landing in Los Angeles was not an easy journey. The most rewarding journeys never are. During this moving phase he was spending all his energy on establishing a platform to grow and KeilyN, being an introvert, was struggling. He admitted that during that phase you could even see his music wasn't at its best.

    NOW, established in LA he was able to take what he learned at his lowest to create music that reaches out and connects with all of us.  Passion was what lead him through his ups, downs, and uncertainties.  Passion helped him pass his insecurities and peoples opinions.  You can believe that passion is putting him where he truly wants to be. 

     When developing a song KeilyN creates his beats first, flipping samples into unique sounding productions that others haven't used.  From that sound he listens and diverges into an emotion which will enable to him to create a story.  These stories can come from his past, present, or future.  Future? By future he means that he sees what he wants and claims it without exaggerating because, Words Are Powerful!  KeilyN puts all of himself in his music, his humor, beliefs, and views, referencing movies, news, sports, and much more so that anyone who listens to his songs will able to connect in their own individual way. He wants to reassure his audience that there is a common ground and that he is a real person and is no different then them.

With that being said his energetic performance will for sure get you off your feet to dance and sing with him. Which ever stop you decide to hop up on his journey he will embrace you with open arms and make you feel great.  Don't forget to follow him on:


Instagram - @dopekeilyn

Twitter - @DopeKeilyN

Thank You and Stay Tuned every Monday!

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