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1 Venue, 2 Shows, 7 Hours : City of the Sun & Jax Jones

What a night! I thought I was going to die, but both these musicians brought me back to life after a long work day.

What was unique about the City of the Sun concert was there was no openers. Usually bands that go on tours use local openers to bring in a bigger crowd to the show, City of the Sun didn't need that exactly. At first I was a bit worried, before the show started there were about 20 people in the whole venue, then right in the middle of the first song I look back and see a sea of people. This is not a show you should go to if you don't have an open mind to music. Why? There are absolutely NO VOCALS! Purely instrumentals that will take you to the streets of Jerusalem or Barcelona, the feeling of walking through the night, listening to the Flamenco music filling the streets as you walk with your friends to the next hot spot of the city. This music will dig within your body and make you sway to the beat, just wanting to let your body go completely loose. John Pita, the lead guitarist was using the whole stage as well as using the crowd to bring up the hype, focusing on my spirit animal who was at 60 year old woman in cheetah print front and center who was going absolute bonkers! Oh I loved watching her. Zach Para, the drummer, not only used his smolder to keep eyes also focused on him, but he was the most vocal when it came for the crowd to join along with the beat. Avi, I know he has it in him, but more solos from you please! If there was anything I could change it would be the other musicians having a chance to shine a little bit more, and giving the audience mini tambourines to play with during a couple songs. Other than that the music was so pleasant, vibrant and calming at the same time. I felt like home.

After City of the Sun ended we were asked to leave for a bit, but then we returned for Jax Jones. GUYS! GIRLS! THIS GUY IS MORE THAN A DJ. He is an ARTIST! Jax didn't just have a DJ table, he had drum pads, keyboards, and a bass guitar. Not only was he amazing, but the audience was too! Everyone knew every word to every song. That just tells you how smart of a musician he is. Because of this, he could lower the vocals and let the crowd do the work, bring the energy, relate to each other , because if you listen, each song is something we have dealt with sometime in our life! You know who was played, you felt their pain and they felt yours, but you released it by singing it out loud and in a sense letting that pain go. Jax Jones gets to work with amazing artists for his songs, and OH BOY he gave LA a treat. He gave us an exclusive listen to a song he made with Tove Lo, bringing her actually on stage to perform their new single. He didn't just play the song through the speakers he actually used the keyboard, the bass guitar, and the drum pad to create the backbeat to their new song. It was a show! Then the rest of the night the dancing the singing the love continued, and I couldn't ask for it any other way.

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