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Lauv Talks About Positive "Changes" : Song Review

In order to grow, there will be "changes" that take place in your life. Some changes are easy to take on, others not so much. Those "changes" that you won't necessarily run to make are those pinpointed by Lauv, but those difficulties will bring you to your higher self. Not all changes have to be the same, some can be physical, some can be mental, and even temporary. The best thing is that you'll never have to go through them alone, because you'll be surprised that some people are struggling with the same thing, and never be afraid to ask for help. As Lauv sings "it's all going to work out someday" and with his vulnerability in this song, it seems like he knows what he is talking about.

Changes, they might drive you half-insane But it's killing you to stay the same But it's all gonna work out, it's all gonna work out someday

Even though this song would be considered in the pop genre it includes a lot of bluesy elements. As you can tell the piano is a prominent component for this piece of art, and while he is singing he drags out a lot of the words, which I think puts this song in the blues category. What makes it "poppy" is the fact that the chorus is catchy and memorable. No matter what, this song needs to be heard and repeated until this positive message stays in your head!

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