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Bringing Back Rock N' Roll: Story of The Jacks!

With everything retro coming back into style, why can't music? Rock N' Roll was developed in a time of social injustice back in the 60s and 70s and with everything going on now, we need it again.  Luckily there is a band who is willing to save the day and bring back ROCK N' ROLL.  Who are they, unlike their song "She's A Mystery" they won't be a mystery any longer, they are...THE JACKS!

     Scott, Tom, Jonny, and Josh bring a "Hot Reaction" of sound, energy, and style.  Their energy that flows on and off stage is a site to see.  Not only does their audience rock out and give them love, but you can see the love for the music they create and for each other.  None of them give "Just A Little Bit" when it comes to creating songs, they give it their ALL. 

     Scott Stone and Tom Hunter, the originators of the band, were heavily influenced from an unforgettable night.  After watching The Who do their thing from nosebleed seats at the Hollywood Bowl, they looked at each other and said, "We have to form a band," and that they did.  With the first performance being at their middle school graduation they knew that they made the right decision. They continued to play all throughout high school and college, and during their free time they would check out other local artists.  One day they went to a show and there they discovered Jonny Stanback. Jonny's voice and stage presence, set the stage for Scott and Tom to convince him to join the band.  It didn't seem like there was a lot of convincing needed, because within a couple of days they started originating songs together.  Those songs got so many positive vibes that it made them write more and rock out extensively, thanks to their old drummer Xan.  The only problem was that they were having a hard time boiling it down to songs that represented themselves.  Then when Xan left, a new drummer and music enthusiast emerged, Josh Roossin.  With his additional knowledge they were able to focus in on a particular sound with songs that really represent, The Jacks!

     During the writing and recording process of an upcoming EP, a lot of music from the Rock N' Roll era of the 60's and 70's, such as The Who, Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. as well as the Alternative Rock bands, The Black Keys, Oasis, The Strokes, and more, were listened to for inspiration and motivation.  They listened to the best because they want to be the best. Since November 19th they were voted the best in Southern California, and on December 12th I have no doubt they'll prove that in the finals against bands from all across America during KLOS 95.5 #NeXt2Rock competition.  When it comes to writing music, there are many processes they go through to create each song.  Each of them bring ideas or experiences that they want to portray in their songs, and with each song sometimes it takes days to perfect.  Not because they quarrel, but because each and every one of them have a skill they add to that song.  Sometimes the lyrics aren't even formulated until they perform.  It's magical to see what arises from a feeling, to how it is performed on stage.

     Let's help keep that magic alive by supporting them on social media, attending their shows, and keeping the positive vibes flowing.  Can not wait until their EP comes out with new songs such as "Hot Reaction" and "Hello My Friend", as well as already released songs "Just A Little Bit" and "She's A Mystery" which are out on your favorite streaming platforms. They and I hope you hear, connect, and love their music as much as we do.  

As always stay tuned and much love everybody!




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