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"Breathe In" and Let Go by Dolche : Song Review

At the beginning of "Breathe In" by Dolche I was a little confused if I liked this song or couldn't stand it. I think because I could hear a very strong accent with this artists voice. Also that it sounded like someone was singing while they were talking. THEN the more I listened to it I could see this song being performed live, whether if it was at a music venue, outdoor concert, or yoga retreat. Not only could I see it being performed live but loved and sung by all especially the lyrics "brake, speed, steer, left, right and stop, you need to brake, speed, steer, left, right and go" which is in a fast and fun tempo. Dolche decided to write this song because we are always are in a hustle and bustle and then when we want to calm down and relax we look for different ways to achieve relaxation. She wanted this song to be a reminder that "Sometimes we forget the simplest way to get back in contact with ourselves and find balance [is by]: breathing!" Dolche will be releasing a new album with 14 new original tracks October 2020.

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