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Laying Down and Looking up at the "Branches" by The Purple Kite: A Euphonixx Song Review

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I see you, I see you guys on Instagram going on your social distance hikes. But tell me, during those hikes have you laid under the trees for some shelter and rejuvenation? Did you stare up and saw the trees swaying? Did you hear the song they were singing? Okay maybe you didn't but if you could they were for sure singing "Branches" by The Purple Kite.

This #psychedelicrock piece takes you to a place of serenity. With the melody of the guitar you can get entranced into the song by tapping your feet or swaying you head (just like Branches). There are some electronic melodies in the background that imitate the sound of the wind rustling. The background vocals remind me of the sun rays squeezing through the leaves of the trees. Making you really feel like a part of nature, melting into the ground and being on with the world. I do think The Purple Kite did a great job composing this piece of art, but I do think the lead singer needs to work a little more on his vocal talent, when he sang a higher note it was more on key and maybe in order to hit the right notes he needs to be on a higher octave. Or if he wants to preform future pieces instrumentally (which this song also is in) that would succeed as well!

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