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Turning on The "Lumière Noire" by Lezia

"Lumière Noire" is being turned on by Lezia. This word for those who don't know French (me included) roughly translates into blacklight. So what do you find with a blacklight? Well the things that want to stay hidden, or wants to be hidden so you don't get the chance to clean it, change it, or throw it away. Lezia is turning on the "Lumière Noire" onto the world. This song "is a reflection, an analysis of our place on earth as humans. This need to destroy everything, to appropriate everything, and to monopolize." That we are only focused on the economy and nothing else. Along with this powerful message Lezia's production gives that funky feeling to make this a repeat hit. It kind of reminds me of The Jonas Brother's most recent album in terms of the melody used. Even though this is a pop song, she uses her sultry voice to give it a Jazzy feeling that can be seen in disco hits from the past.

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