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Songs for a "Big Sky Drive" by Tyler Indigo

About a year and a half I was introduced to Tyler Indigo playing at a bar in Santa Monica but focusing on a different kind of rock genre. I didn't necessarily think it suited him at the time, but NOW Tyler released his EP "Big Sky Drive" which I think suits him much better. It's indie rock with having that Cali rocker vocal which for me is using the vibrato in his voice to give his songs more of a beach rock feel. You can definitely hear the influences of bands like the Red Hot Chili Pepper and The Beatles , not only in his vocals but the melody as well. The electric guitar isn't heavy but used to give a nice flowing melody to make you sway back and forth to the music. The first song reflects a nice long drive up the coast and the message I receive is to become more calm with every situation that comes up and to handle it in a chill way, at least in "Takin' a Ride". Then by listening to this album in order, the next couple of songs I realized that this album has a story, it's describing the different moments of a relationship. You don't know what those moments are? Well you got to listen to the album to find out!

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