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Bellydancing Through The LA Rain

If you live in LA, you know how much this week has sucked with it basically raining from Monday until Friday. The name of this song translates to YASU, which is another thing Grecians yell while throwing plates to the ground for celebration. So why would I be listening to a song about celebrations when there is a torrential downfall? Because this song lifts my spirits and makes me want to dance and jump and sing my heart out to this song! You can't help it with the mix of the Mediterranean flavor and the Bass of a rap song. Ben El Tavori and Static Official have been sweeping not only Israel by storm, but they know how to incorporate other cultures such as Brazil, in a song called Tudu Bom (will attach below). Back to this song, you get a mix of Mizrachi sounds made from the bouzouki (greek mandolin), violins, and doumbek (drums). Then it goes into synths and bass for us modern folks. These different styles mixed together is music to my ears. Tell me what you think about this song?

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