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Being a True Musical "Killer" with Traverse Town

Music impacts many different avenues, even when there were silent movies, music was always playing in the background.  Musicians don't necessarily realize that music can become a huge way to profit when it comes to movies, advertisements, and all enjoyment really. With the EP "Killer", Traverse Town really took advantage of how the recent entertainment avenues have a huge 80s theme, so when they created this EP they kept the option of having their music based in major TV shows and movies.

     Traverse Town is different than other artist in their own way. Since it is a group of 2, DJ and Seth, they have to find a way to conjoin ideas and perfect their songs together.  Usually one of them will write 90% of the song before they decide to tackle it together. Not only that, but their writing process is a little different then most.  Usually the song is created in their mind and then they have to transcribe it the best they can down on paper.  It is not as easy as it sounds, because there are certain sounds that you're probably going to have to try and many different variations to create that perfect tune, that you had in your mind. 

     Even though this band was heavily influenced by pop, they are trying to have their own genre and really make it theirs. Since the 80s and 90s are more than 20 years ago, you could say they are making Vintage Pop a thing! With Phil Collins, the band Toto, and Michael Jackson, you could say these strong influences really helped develop their musical development. These great musical influences helped, but of course growing up in a family full of musicians, especially with Seth's dad being an avid singer/songwriter in the 90's it helped paved the path to create Traverse Town. Then, with their first performance as an opener, they drew in the largest crowd and really saw the impact that their music can make. 

     Since DJ and Seth are family, they have the burden of carrying that relationship into musical partnership.  Each one has a particular strength.  For instance, Seth's strength comes to transitions and unique instrumentation while DJ creates a strong hook to the song.  Both definitely agree that it is hardest to condense a song, when it could drag on.  I'm sure getting lost in the music is what creates that problem in the first place, haha. There is a more prominent spiritual aspect when getting lost in music, for instance DJ once woke up with a verse of a song stuck in his mind.

     Not only does music have an impact on Traverse Town's mind but they want to make an impact on people's lives.  They want to break out from the self centered, and self-glorifying music there is today. They want to create music that makes you think, self reflect, and leaves you feeling better and more confident when you have finished listening.  Don't leave by only listening to their music, listen to their character, listen to their ideas, and help them create a movement bigger than themselves.

Don't forget to check out their EP "Killer" on all streaming platforms.  Of course don't forget to follow them.

Instagram: @TraverseTown

Twitter: TraverseTown_





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