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Nothing is Truly "Beige" : Yoke Lore Song Review

"Beige", we mostly look at this color as a plain and boring color. When ultimately it is the base of something beautiful. Think about it, when you have a beige colored wall it gives you the opportunity to add photos, art work, pieces that you enjoy that ultimately!

What makes this song attractive is the fact that Lore doesn't focus solely on your outer appearance, but the person you became, due to the fact of where you came from. In the sense, that what you might see as your weaknesses are truly your strengths. IF you don't feel that way YET, this song will surely help! Everyday, MOST of us put on a smile when we are really suffering, but Lore is saying it is okay to show your emotions to others, because it will let people in and open an opportunity for an unexpected someone to help you, and if they don''s not meant to be. Just know that it is not anything you did.

"And let me find the demons that drive those heavenly limbs"

This songs instrumental melody is heavily banjo, with a simple strum of base during the verses which he is really trying to connect with you as the person. Then when he adds how those struggles bring up the best qualities in yourself he adds the sound of nature, drums, and more overlaps. Leading into the vocal overlaps which lets you know, once you find your strengths don't disregard others. The chorus basically takes all the melodies that connect to the messages and bring them together.

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