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I'm Not Leaving Anytime Soon, but "Before I Go" Here's the American Authors Song Review

Sometimes we get so stuck in our past, in our mistakes, in our failures. Even though we are living, are we really living? That is the question American Authors are asking and answering with "Before I go."

"I'm so afraid of where my life's going

Guess I've been ashamed, somehow I kept going

So tell me I'm good, tell me I'm good

Tell me I'm good

Say I've done all I could, I've done all I could"

Then going on and asking for "peace of mind" and to "live my life, before I go." This song is a reminder to try to look at the bright side and find that will to live. YOUR life is so valuable, so valuable that you should find a "home" no matter where you are. If that is faith, if that's another person that is really there for you, and most important you need to see the value in yourself!


American Authors did a great job incorporating orchestral instruments such as violins, violas, and the pizzicato of a cello. It really brings the heaviness of this song. Honestly this whole song is a concerto and doesn't fit the genre that American Authors represent, but that makes it even more special.

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Song Written by: Cason Coooley, David Rublin, James Adam Shelly, Matt Sanchez, Trent Dabbs, Zachary Barnett

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