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Riding the Waves to American Folk Song "The Bees Trees" by Rey

We reached the middle of the week readers! Monday and Tuesday our behind us. Shed off that stress with Rey's "The Bees Trees". If you listen to the lyrics the freedom comes from just being yourself and letting go of the past, even if it was just from a day ago! Rey sings that he gets everything he needs, but we do as well because if we really open our eyes to it we receive way more than we could ever imagine! Hopefully the melody and soothing voice will help change that mindset for the better! Picking up styles from classic rock bands such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and more this song will definitely be a catch and one you won't stop listening to. Just using bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and of course including Rey's voice the melody blends nicely together to give you this uplifting, wave riding song. How will you seize the day!

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