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A Country Love Song to "Becca" by James Ethington III

Right away you get sent to the outdoors with the plucking of the banjo strings. An outdoor kind of guy who is singing to the girl he loves who seems to have moved to the big city. I could not, not mention what happened last year with "Old Town Road", how there was clearly racism that was happening when it got pulled off from the top of the country charts because the artist was black. Let this NOT happen with James Ethington III's song "Becca" produced by Eric Gubala. Not only did I like that he brought up the stigma of how there might be some tension about being a "black guy" but he wants to throw the racism out the window. Love should be acceptable in and with all colors of skin and by tackling that issue first hand he lets his lyrics swoon the woman that he loves. Caring about what is going on with her and trying to find out what's new, bringing up nostalgic memories of the past, and more! I like that this artist put the lyrics and vocals to the forefront of this song and not let the message be hidden with a big melodic production. Also instead of having verse and chorus repeating he just had a big chorus that continued into the last few verses.

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