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Pop Rock Song "Before Our Time" by Baby FuzZ

Happy Tuneful Tuesday my beautifully amazing readers. Taking a break from the love song route and bringing you "Before Our Time" by Baby FuzZ. If it's not about love, then what is it about. I was lucky to get a synopsis and this song represents the nostalgia of friendship that is happening at the current moment. It doesn't make sense how something can be nostalgic yet recent, well yes, that's exactly what Baby FuzZ is doing. By including some phrases that represent the past such as jumping the shark just as The Fonz did in Happy Days. A guitar solo that gives Queen credit to the work they have done even with music today. Musically, this is the glam pop rock that is shaking the music world. If you hear this sounding like a similar band, you are right. I was reminded of AJR, which are three glam rock pop brothers with an amazing band and storytelling songs, just like this one. All I can say, is that Baby FuzZ is not a newbie and knows how to orchestrate a great melody together that is not only fun, but catchy as well. What have you done with friends that brings nostalgia?

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