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Folk Pop Song Releasing Tension with "Any Open Door" by Djakarta

Just throwing me into a colorful melody I was already drawn into "Any Open Door" by Djakarta. I was a bit confused at first because in a way it was like "you might not find any open door around." Which made me wonder what in the world does that mean? As I thought about it further, I understood the good in that. The song surrounds the idea of wanting to escape, but escaping to anywhere that you can find is not entirely the best thing. Even if it forces us to the point of stressing out. The point of the song is to chill out a bit and figure out exactly where you need to go. In this case it is hanging out and chilling out and finally your body will let you know where you should head to. The melody is mixed with folk-rock, pop, electronica, and a bit of reggae that gives you a bit of that beach rock vibe. With the different sounds you can imagine the different colors that will be surrounding you throughout their live concert, which is why the released this colorful music video to exactly catch that imagery. Along with the melody was the airy vocals that guided you throughout the song and the musical journey.

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