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Hard Hitting EDM Track "Alright" by Matt Barri & Meggie York

Sometimes you need to just jump up and down to the music to get in the mood. Matt Barri & Meggie York release their single "Alright". Which will always relate to all of us at any of the moments where we feel like falling. Meggie and Matt make sure that at every other moment they mention that everything will be "Alright" at the end. In a way this is a mix of the classic EDM sounds with a little hint of Dubstep that gives you that energy to bop your head back and forth to this song. Meggie has great vocal control and uses it to give it that airy effect but that Matt adds that extra effect to give it a little boost. I can definitely see this song being played at any EDM show which is great because it shows a lot of potential for these young new artists.

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