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I Could Have Given You "All of Me" : Katey Brooks Song Review

That frustrating feeling when you match with someone you like in so many ways, they tell you they "never felt this way" and yet they decide to leave you. Katey Brooks relays that perfectly in her bluesy song "All of Me". Yes she is singing to a woman, get over it, we all have the same feelings towards someone. This song could even be to a parent that you work so hard to please, yet they just don't care. Also Katey is giving a message to take things slow, make sure you are really going into a love with a head strong and full of logic, because when you rush into something so fast it's so strong, but so is the fall.

"Maybe we should take it steady

With this love we make

I can wait

I won't break"

I love how this song involves a choir of backup vocals to really bring in the blues. Also Katey does a great job using the vocal ranges of her voice to put emphases on some key words. Instrumentally this song is very simple, mostly a drum to keep the rhythm but there is very little guitar. More of the melody is created by the backup choir, very pleasant. Anyway I also want to share this song below, because I think you'll really like it too!

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