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All Taken Concert Review + Advice

Updated: May 6, 2019

I just want to say thank you to the band All Taken which invited me out to their show last night. First of all, I want to give them props on performing after apparently a long time of not performing. Performing in front of an audience is not easy, but they did a great job of putting it all out on stage, using the space, and belting out. Another thing I want to say, is I see this band having potential. With that they do have some things to fix. This is also advice for any band performing. Have a set list, and make sure that set list will have the song in the best order with how you want your song tempos to be. Mix it up with higher tempos and lower tempos and don't apologize for playing a song that has a lower tempo after 2-3 higher tempo songs. People need to rest from the hype, those lower BPM songs help people do that, and those songs you want to squeeze in super meaningful content. Also it gives you the chance to regain endurance for the other songs. Vocals, Daniel, good job of singing in front of the crowd, I know that's not easy especially when you are fighting against the sound of the drums. With that, for some lyrics of the song string out the time of annunciating the words, it will draw the crowd to your voice easier. You did a great job of changing up the tone to be vocalizing pleasing, but with that just practice a little more. I know you can do it! Avo and David , drum + bass , great job using the space as much as you can, I was hoping you guys would be providing back up vocals too, if you can I would totally include that in your next show. All Taken, you were great to watch, good to listen to, I am excited to see where a little more practice will take you too!

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