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"Aliice, A Mix of Rock Strength and Cartoon Energy"

One thing that I tell everyone is, you NEED to know your self worth AND who you are.  How you carry yourself is very important and can either make you or break you.  This doesn't only apply in music, but since this is a music blog let's focus on that.  Presentation is key, and Music Monday artist of the week ALIICE definitely carries that with her in each of her songs, performances, and music videos!

     Growing up with a father who made a living by playing cartoon voices such as Scrappy Doo, she loved the idea of making herself, in a way, a cartoon that everyone will love/s. I'm sure he is looking down at you from Heaven supporting you fully and smiling.  Then with the musical influences of Michael Jackson she is sure to dominate.  Michael Jackson wasn't only a great singer and performer, but the dedication, the intensity, and the passion is something she takes from him and uses it in everything she does.

     ALIICE is an artist that is bringing a new type of pop music, Intense pop! A mix of electro pop and rock.  See, ALIICE was the lead singer of a rock band for 5 years and she loves two very famous but different types of Alice’s, Alice in Wonderland (the cartoon) and Alice in Chains, so she decided to put two i's in her name to commemorate them.  With rock you really give it your all during every performance, and try to create a colorful explosion that your audience will feel and rock out with you.

     Not only is it important to give it your all, you need to surround yourself with the people who have that same passion. That's one reason why ALIICE loves working with new raw talent.  When they are yet undiscovered they are still humble and give it their all.  From what I see, ALIICE will always be humble which will make moves in the music industry.  As rough as the music industry is, ALIICE decides to create songs about encouragement and reasons to keep working hard no matter how many times of getting knocked down.  She has nothing against love songs, but she wants to instill STRENGTH in others as well as herself. She would love to "become an ambassador for the strange and bullied, like herself, because there is a light on the other side of the tunnel, even when the 'easy way out demon' dangles itself in front of you."

     ALIICE always being as real as she can, she's not just making music to sell, she's creating music to cause an impact.  Daring to get naked internally, even though it's not easy, it feels so damn good.  She hopes other artist will follow this path, because there will not only be success in their own life, but it will create a successful change in all lives.  If you like ALIICE's story, vision, and music go give her a follow!

To Follow ALIICE:

Instagram: @aliiceofficial



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