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Alesso VS Marshmello the differences of Producing and DJing

You're probably saying again, "EDEN, THESE ARTISTS ARE KNOWN ALREADY."  Well Yes!!! These artists are known already, but I want to talk about them.  So you can either listen to what I have to say, or read another article on here (which you should do anyway regardless).  This #MusicMonday will talk about these artists and the differences when it came down to DJing versus producing.

    A few weeks ago I went to Las Vegas and saw these two live.  I was excited for both of them since I have never seen them perform live, and only heard the music they have produced.  Let me tell you DJing and Producing are totally different concepts. One requires you to work with the artist and make a song clean and radio playable and the other one you need to be able to read and work with the crowd.  

     A good DJ will do some initial editing to the songs he wants to play during the club adding additional time to the beginning and end of the track in order for smooth transitions.  A great DJ will play with the songs throughout their performance on stage. Marshmello did a great job of this during his performance at Encore Beach Club.  It is kind of weird seeing an artist perform in Vegas, because the crowd there really just wants to get fucked up.  As "fucked up" as I was I was still drawn into his performance.  He really knew how to keep the energy and the crowd going.  Now with Alesso, I was a little disappointed. He was just good.  Yes he edited popular songs such as Post Malone's "Congratulations" to turn EDM worthy, but you could tell mostly everything was pre-edited with however many times he got on top of the turn table to dance with the crowd.

     Now when it comes to producing music, Alesso is a genius. Every song is different, every song has a different melody, a different beat, a different message.  Alesso has the ability to take one phrase and make you feel it by the different sounds he puts together.  Now, Marshmello I have respect for you, but you need to create your own songs that have differences to them.  Right now, I can't really tell when I listen to one of your songs or three of them.  There needs to be variation, and I know you can do it! I've seen you live!  I wish you could take that same fire and energy and put it into the 3 minute and 10 second clip.

     Bottom line, is that no DJ is the same, and that is a great thing, because if they were EDM would be boring.  There are a few things that do need fixing, and if you guys read this and tell me to fuck off, then oh well, but if you guys listen and make some adjustments, I'm sure I won't be the only one who notices it.  I believe in you and am trying to send as much love as possible, if I didn't I wouldn't even have mentioned anything. Much love and have a great week everyone!

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