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Jazz Essential "After Eight (Acoustic Version)" by Myyora

You're just getting home from work and need something to listen to that will give you relaxation and excitement. Myyora releases "After Eight (Acoustic Version)". Talking about what goes on in the city of London when some people retire for the day, but others are ready to explore. It's in a way kind of sensual, because it's like explaining to your date there are so many options to choose from for us to have a great time. Just using the piano and her voice she relays this message about the London nightlife. The piano melody is soothing and not too strong, definitely making her voice the primary focus. It's different but a nice change from the EDM dance version. There were some moments where I think playing with the vocal range would have been a fun experience. Adding some deep notes to add even more of a jazz element within the song.

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