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Fun Pop Song "Acting Strange" by LOST

The selling point to this song is the dancing astronaut. Watch the video below to know what I mean. "Acting Strange" by LOST is the perfect song to explain what happens when you break up with someone, but the feelings and the chemistry are still running super high. As sings in the song, the girl purposely flirts with other guys in front of him to get a reaction. Then even though that night everything might be magical it falls into this unhealthy loop of enjoying the physical but realizing it is not so good. So instead of falling into this hazardous loop, to realize the truth and stop "acting strange." Now I am sure we've all been there, heck some of us might be in there right now. Maybe this song can help us get out of this loop. So when it comes to melody and vocals, this hits the spot to become the perfect pop song that you can throw on in the car or dance to in your room. LOST's voice is easy and smooth and very pleasant to listen to and with the electronic pop in the background you can't help but getting caught in the sticky chorus. I can definitely see this be on the radio for a good amount of time.

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