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Just Need "Time" : Audrey Song Review

Time, it is a value that we don't really put much thought into it until it's running out. Audrey created the single "Time" , talking about really taking the time we have and making the most out if it. Noticing the people around her trying to steal unnecessary time from her, either talking about nothing, or taking actions that won't really help her. She knows that if she takes full advantage of it she will be able to accomplish what ever she puts her mind to! This can also be taken as needing time to figure out exactly what path she wants to take without outside influence and pressure. Either way Audrey voice is so soulful and she really takes command of the her vocal range ability to keep you head bobbing or swaying to the song. Another thing that is pretty awesome is that the beat definitely has a funky vibe but uses it to create a great bluesy melody and doesn't overbear the vocalist.

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