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"Glow" Bright Enough That You Can't Be Avoided : Saticöy Song Review

With Halloween just around the corner the words "ghost" and "haunt" are in the air. These terms aren't just associated with Halloween anymore, but a nightmare that is shaking up the dating world. I'm not sure if this was just one event or multiple, but it made a big enough impact to create a song that you definitely won't want to "ghost". "Glow" by Saticöy melody brings you into the excitement of getting caught in the whirlwind of attraction to that new special someone. To the process of letting them slowly dimmer out of your mind after they have hurt you by just stopping all communication.

"You keep me guessing, I’ve been restless, I’ve been coping Whats the lesson I can take when I’ve been ghosted?"

Along with rhyming lyrics about how shallow it is to ghost Derek "understand[s] it can be difficult to open up about why a relationship isn’t working, but [he] find most people are pretty amicable [when it come to] separation. Nobody wants to waste time on a relationship that isn't mutual. A direct break, clean or messy, over ghosting any day of the week."

This is a great song for two different outcomes. One is to make you feel better and pump you up in a singing and rhyming way to call out your ghoster on their BS. Or you could send them the song to get the point across, and get Saticöy another stream stat in the books. A win win for everyone. As I mentioned above they did a great job telling a story through their melody. The lyrics are a mastery of rhymes that is easy to catch onto and sing at the top of your lungs when you're happy or...... pissed the F off.

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