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"Easy" to Remember Good Ole Times: A Euphonixx Song Review

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I know right now when we are stuck in quarantine it is super "Easy" to look at the past and disregard some of the hurt that a person caused. Well with a synth pop melody producer Christopher "C-Ray" Roberts and Jon Davis bring this new tune. It reminds me of a time when disclosure and Sam Smith teamed up for a couple of hit songs in the early 2010's. At first the song is taking you back into the past with deep synth and a little drum tap to keep you bopping to the beat, then when the singer is bringing it to the present it's the beat of a bass and then the upbeat synth to bring you up out of your seat to start jumping around. As I mentioned before I am not a super fan of love songs but after hearing my aunts and uncles love story I understand that there might be some moments where there's hurt. In the end if you know that the person is with you even in those hurtful times you have something special and it makes going through the hard times a lot easier. I think that's the message and that's really beautiful. I hope you enjoy!

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