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Friday Feeling "GFY" : Dennis Lloyd Song Review

"Gotta think about it" it as in what I will write about this review. Dennis Lloyd is a talent from Israel who uses multiple instruments and words of profanity to really get your ears perked because hearing the word "Fuck" really makes your head turn. So what is the song "GFY" really about? Well it is about not listening to all the haters, the bullies, and even the people who really care about you but don't understand the vision you have for your future. After 2 verses and chorus's Dennis uses a clip from a speaker that talks about relationships,

"And whether your relationship is awful, good, or great

We don't like endings, we don't like to lose things

And especially we don't like to lose things that are important to us

And make no mistake, relationships are the single most important thing to you in your life

It's the source of all your best memories

It's the source of all your worst memories

When you think back on your life when you are 95, 100 years old

And you look back over the course of your lifetime

You're not gonna think I wish I owned a better phone

I wish I spent more time on the internet

I wish I spent more time at work or sleeping, it's not gonna be any of those kinds of things

It's going to be I wish I spent more time with the people I love"

I love the use of the piano because I believe that's what really keeps the song grounded and keeps the humility of the singer and the listeners. Even though it repeats the phrase "go fuck yourself" it's more of fuck the little things that are causing us to be pushed apart. The drums are the energy behind the song, it keeps you engaged, it keeps your head bopping to the beat and singing the chorus over and over again.

Happy Friday! We completed another week of life, whether it was good or bad we are alive. You have another chance to make your dreams come true, and let go of anything that is trying to stop you or put you down.

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